Perfect Convertibles For Summer :-)

Summer is amost here, and with it predicted heatwaves all across the world. You might be in the market for a new car this summer, and the heat has convinced you that maybe purchasing a convertible could be helpful to combat the heat for all the years to come

There are a plethora of stunning convertibles out there these days, but which should you purchase? Are all of the best convertibles manufactured in 2017, or can you afford to go cheaper with a used vehicle from a few years ago and still maintain the levels of style, comfort, and class that you’re after?

What cars are easy to maintain, and can help you keep costs low when hiring a mechanic repair service? Cars come in all different shapes and sizes, but the practicalities must be taken into account when it comes to owning a convertible because it’s easy to get less car for your money thanks to the adjustable sunroof.

Whether you’d like to go for soft-top or hard-top vehicles, follow this list and you’re sure to be well-informed about your purchase.

Our's favorite: MINI Convertible :-)

Audi TT Roadster

The Audi TT Convertible Roadster is a beautiful car but in exchange for that beauty, it has slightly less practicality. The car only sports two seats, and that can mean that there’s a select set of considerations that you’d be happy driving this car for. You won’t be able to pick up the children from school in it, for example.

However, the Audi name is hard at work here, and the luxurious feel allows you to feel right at home in it’s technologically advanced interior. Sporting either an 181 brake horsepower TT Ultra diesel, or a petrol engine such as the TTS can help you saved more money than a similarly priced Porsche Boxster. The limited seats in this vehicle can also work in your favor economically, less weight equals less fuel used to consume during your long-distance journey. This might seem like a small consideration to place in the ‘pro’ category, but during a long distance drive, or if you want a retirement vehicle you’re sure to appreciate it.

No matter what convertible you choose, you’re bound to look stylish when driving it. Be sure to maintain your hood well, and you’ll have a vehicle on your hands that will treat you well for years to come.

MINI Convertible

For a great little runabout, a MINI is all you need. Developing a reputation for style and class over decades, Mini convertible options now continue that legacy with beautiful soft-top options that look arguably better than any convertible roadster you can get your hands on. Cooper D and Cooper DS diesel options can help you save money in fuel costs, and this focus on economical operation has the MINI crowning our list.

For the money, you get an awful lot of car. If purchasing one new seems out of your price range, then consider getting one used, and making sure all of the convertible roofing is still operational. If interested, you can read into the fascinating history of the MINI on web. You’ll fall in love with the MINI brand after this purchase for some time to come.