The Most Reliable Car Manufacturers You Should Buy From In 2017

Are you looking for a family car, a sports sedan, or something else entirely? It’s best that you identify what car you need first, and then number the features it will have on a scale of 1 to 10, with one being the most important. You can then practically figure out how to best negotiate in your mind the cars that are on offer.

Purchasing a car is quite an important decision for you to make. From a practical perspective, it can be difficult to assess exactly what car features you’d like to prioritise within the limits of your budget. 

However, one of the considerations that you’d be silly to list any lower than number 1 or 2 is reliability. A reliable car is much more than just a car that won’t break down on you and leave your finances in the gutter to get it operational again. A reliable car is a car that is safe. A reliable car is a car that you needn’t feel worried about driving at the speed limit on the motorway. A reliable car is a car that you won’t mind helping your child learn to drive in.

Reliability is always, always key. If you have the funds to burn through cars like a video game character, simply purchasing another when the old one breaks, then you’re probably not concerned with a list like this in the first place. For everyone else who would like to keep this new car for some years before they think about selling it, reliability should be one of the more important things you think about.


Subaru, the Japanese manufacturer, famed for their rally cars and rich history, are among some of the most reliable cars you can find. Not only is Japanese engineering famed for being accurate and running like clockwork, but their rally history has cemented them as being one of the most sturdy regarding chassis and engine design.

It’s no coincidence that the car manufacturer most responsible for providing the world with rally cars is the car manufacturer most responsible for providing rally championship drivers with the go-to make of car. Rally cars are among some of the most battered and bruised cars around, and as a result, their road cars translates in quality and care. If a car manufacturer can happily keep rally drivers safe, they can certainly keep your family safe.

As with any manufacturer, purchasing new will lead to a more directly safe car experience, because if you buy second hand, the manufacturer can’t guarantee that the previous owner hasn’t somewhat impeded the safety or reliable operations of that vehicle. In this instance, it’s always wise to check out new Subaru cars for sale to help avoid that.


While French cars aren’t famed for their reliability, Peugeot have outdone themselves in 2017, raising in the global reliability index from 10th place to 5th place since last year, with around 92 problems per 100 cars sold (this is actually relatively few, as multiple problems can exist in one car, so don’t be alarmed by that result.) Peugeot consistently rank high in fuel economy ratings, and now the reliability of their product lines are greatly improved, now might be the right time to take a chance on the French manufacturer.


BMW, the famed German manufacturer, is prized for their surgical engineering skills, and the durability of their parts. BMW is one of the most famous names on the planet for car manufacture, and for good reason. The engines they use are top of the line, and undergo rigorous testing before they are implemented in the vehicles. However, owning a BMW might run quite expensive, as you can only replace certain BMW cars with certain BMW parts, and the manufacturer sells these directly. That being said, if you have the funds to maintain the occasional breakdown or replacement that any car owner experiences regardless of car quality, you’ll struggle to find better than BMW.


While widely criticized for having attractive and appealing looks, Skoda has topped this year's chart of the most reliable vehicles to own. Despite the initial criticism of the boxy and unappealing design, Skoda are now being heralded as the perfect family cars. They have wide interiors, provide an adequate but not brilliant driving experience, and now that the reliability index has crown the manufacturer king of reliability, maybe the brand could be worth looking into.


Lexus, the luxury car division of Toyota, the Japanese manufacturer, are not only luxurious in name alone. An interesting story cites that ‘Lexus’ was a word completely fabricated for its ‘sounding like quality and class.’ Lexus continues to sell well and has now topped the UK’s most reliable car brand. Even if you’re not from the UK, this is worth paying attention to, because the EU car safety requirements are some of the most stringent in the world, and so coming top of that list genuinely means something.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Lexus cars are pompous, arrogant and provide too little for the money, but in fact the opposite is true. While the Lexus might not be the most protective in a crash or in annual wear and tear, it's true that the car has passed the most stringent tests and has the highest safety pass rate of an EU car right now. For this reason, Lexus is worth looking into.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, purchasing the right car requires a certain list of considerations. However, reliability should be at the top of that list. If you skimp on the reliability of your car in favour of storage, size or simple a bigger engine, you might end up regretting it. While the big impressive statistics that make us as car enthusiasts thoroughly interested are great to look for, if you’re unable to use your car for weeks out of the year or don’t feel safe driving it, you’re likely to have a bad experience. Try and stick to the above manufacturers to mitigate that fate as much as possible.