The Ford has always been a sturdy vehicle

Someone totalled your Ford? Make a claim!

The Ford has always been a sturdy vehicle. They’re workman-like at the point of sale – but with a few tweaks they can become speed demons.

You’ll see them in car parks up and down the country, racing against the clock, to the excitement of petrolheads and diesel lovers everywhere. Yet, even a sturdy Ford can have slip ups, and accidents always end the same, no matter what the vehicle – with life-threatening injuries, or the creeping threat of fatalities.

Indeed, even if you haven’t got your foot on the gas, the threat of an accident still looms. Human error accounts for the large number of motoring mishaps – and it’s a number that’s rising. Vehicular fatalities in the UK rose by three per cent from 2013 to 2014, according to government figures. But this probably won’t make speed demons chill on the accelerator. Those smirking, baseball cap-sporting piston-pumpers have put their pedal to the metal without caring about the safety of innocent bystanders. What they need is the sharp threat of punishment hanging over their heads – in the form of an accident claim.

Jumping through the legal hoops

If your Ford has suffered a smash through no fault of your own, then it’s time to pick up the phone and call the injury claim specialists. They’ll first ask you to detail the specifics of your accident, which can be a tough process. If you were in a particularly grizzly crash, you might want to build up to this before you call. It can be a distressing topic of conversation. Next you’ll have to get your magnifying glass out – it’s time to gather evidence. Speed cameras, CCTV footage, witness reports – all of this and more could turn your case from a baseless accusation into a watertight winner.

If you’ve seen an episode of Columbo, you’ll know the score – the smallest piece of evidence becomes the linchpin of a strong case. So, be thorough and help your representation as best as you can. After this, you’ll become more of a, ahem, backseat driver in the case preparation. Your solicitor will be busy making it solid, calculating the likelihood of an out of court settlement and trying to avoid a court appearance, if necessary. But if you have to attend the land of gavel bashing and funny wigs, it’ll be your time to shine. You’ll be prepped by your lawyer in how to answer all your questions. Although it can be a stressful time, put your trust in your representation and you’ll be fine.

Ultimately, whether you’re driving a Ford or a Maserati, claims are vital to giving the average driver peace of mind after an unfortunate accident. So, you’ll know who to pick up the phone to when you have to make a claim.